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The olive oil industry is confronting death by spittlebug in Europe


Xylella is one of the 'most dangerous plant bacteria worldwide' and has been confirmed in Corsica, the Balearic Islands, southern France, Spain, Portugal and Germany It was in the winter of 2018 when Juan Escandell first noticed something was wrong. Leaves on some of his olive trees were withering and turning brown, while the fruits [...]

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The hidden Islamic history of Madrid revealed


Muslims, campaigners and tour companies are revealing a heritage too long denied in Spain's capital Hachim Oulad Mhammed was reading an Arabic book on ancient history when he first learnt that Madrid had Islamic origins. It piqued his curiosity and he began investigating. What he found was, at first, striking: now it evokes pride, weighed [...]

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Spain’s far-right makes election gains using anti-Muslim sentiment


Vox party distorted era of Muslim rule to sway voters, scholars and activists say Spain's far-right nationalist party Vox gained a significant foothold in general elections on Sunday and will enter parliament with 24 of the 350 seats. The rise of Vox, from winning 0.2 per cent of votes to more than 10 per cent [...]

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