I am an independent journalist and photographer focusing on stories about environmental change, biocultural diversity and food throughout the Mediterranean and West Asia. 

I’m especially interested in political ecology and food culture, and have a long-term multimedia project, Decolonizing Drylands, documenting the social and ecological legacy of colonial misconceptions about the world’s drylands. 

My journalism career began serendipitously in Cairo, and continued for a time in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. Since then, I’ve followed my interests across the Mediterranean to Spain, where I’m now based.

My work can be seen in digital and print publications including World Politics Review, Open Canada, Deutsche Welle, Nature Middle East, Weapons of Reason, EATEN: The Food History Magazine, Al-Fanar Media, Equal Times, Justice Info, The National, Al Jazeera, Middle East Eye and others.

I hold a a MSc. in Human Security from Aarhus University, Denmark, and a BA in Geography, with distinction, from the University of Victoria, Canada.

I’m available for assignments and collaborations at: kira.a.walker[at]gmail[dot]com