journalist & photographer

about me

I’m an independent journalist and photographer producing stories for print and online publications on the repercussions of conflict, conservation, and culture across the Mediterranean and West Asia.

My work from Spain, Georgia, Iraq, Kurdistan, Rojava, Egypt, and beyond has been published in Open Canada, Nature Middle East, The National, Equal Times, EATEN Magazine, Al Jazeera, Middle East Eye, and others. Some favourites include this look at how US sanctions impact biodiversity conservation in Iran, a visual story on Georgia’s burgeoning wine exports, a feature on Madrid’s little known Islamic history, and this story about one businessman’s attempts to pioneer emu farming in Kurdistan.

I have a MSc. in Human Security from Aarhus University, and received a BA in Geography, with distinction, from the University of Victoria.

To reach me about possible assignments, story tips, or to say hello, find my contact details here.